1) What are the minimum requirements for forming a Company in the UK?
A: You will need a minimum of one director and a UK Registered office address. The cost of forming a Company through our website is £17.97. We are currently offering a refund of £40 when you open your Business Bank Account through us. We are able to offer the Registered Office Address should you not have a separate business address.
2) What are the yearly Accounts and Company Secretarial costs of a Trading Company?
A: We are currently offering a guaranteed package for one year of £497 irrespective of your turnover and transactions. This package is only available when you form your company and a payment in full will be collected at the beginning of the service. In your second year of trading if your turnover is below £ 300K, there is only a 10% increase in our fees based on a yearly basis. Once your turnover exceeds £300k, we will give you a separate quote.
3) What are the yearly Accounts and Company Secretarial costs of a Non-Trading Company?
A: We are able to provide services for filing Company Dormant Accounts and Company Secretarial work for a guaranteed fee of £200 a year.
4) Do you file Director’s Personal Tax Returns while you are doing the Company Accounts?
A: Yes, we can file up to two directors personal tax returns as part of your company accounts, any additional director’s tax return is at cost of £150 per tax return.
5) How do I send my documents for the preparation of monthly accounts?
A: You can either send the documents by post or you can scan the documents and send them via email.
6) Do you offer Payroll Services?
A: Yes, we can do your Payroll Services even if you have a separate accountant for your business.
7) Could you explain what you mean by providing Temporary Executive Resource?
A: Our experienced and highly qualified in-house accountants are available for any ad-hoc accounts work that may need to be completed.

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